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Király Péter, keresés, Lucene, Solr, Java, Perl, PHP, OAI-PMH, webfejlesztés, digitális könyvtár, MARC, FRBR, RDA, Drupal, EAD, EAC, Europeana,, MEK, és sok minden más.

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Seminar Programme: Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities (2015)

2015.04.09. 19:02 kirunews

Seminar Programme: Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities (2015)The dialogs take place on Tuesdays at 17:00 during the Summer semester (from April 21th until July 14th). The venue of the seminars is to be announced, at the Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities (GCDH). The centre's address is:…

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Federated search engine of European Poetical databases

2014.10.26. 14:53 kirunews

- A gentle proposal, v2.0 - by Levente Seláf1 and Péter Király2 1levente.selaf (.), ELTE, Budapest 2peter.kiraly (.), The Göttingen Society for Scientific Data Processing INTRODUCTION This is a technical suggestion for an implementation of a federated search engine provides…

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Solr query facets in Europeana

2014.02.13. 00:56 kirunews

In Europeana we use Apache Solr for searching. Our data model is called EDM (Europeana Data Model), in which a real record* has two main parts: the metadata object, containing information about an objects stored in one of the 2400 cultural heritage institutions all over Europe, and the contextual…

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Europeana in Ubuntu 13.10

2013.10.03. 22:42 kirunews

Smart Scopes is one of the novel features of the new Ubuntu (13.10 a.k.a. Saucy Salamander, which will be released in October 17th). Unity Dash has been the place in Ubuntu where you can find applications, files, settings, music etc. So far it searches among things belonging to your computer, or one…

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Drupal distribution development practices

2013.07.07. 14:38 kirunews

In my part time I am working on eXtensible Catalog Drupal Toolkit project. It is a next generation Open Source library* discovery interface, i. e. the end user interface of a catalog. We have three types of Drupal projects: a row of Drupal modules (about 20+ modules), a theme, and a distribution…

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