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20 éves a MEK
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Király Péter, keresés, Lucene, Solr, Java, Perl, PHP, OAI-PMH, webfejlesztés, digitális könyvtár, MARC, FRBR, RDA, Drupal, EAD, EAC, Europeana,, MEK, és sok minden más.

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Drupal distribution development practices

2013.07.07. 14:38 kirunews

In my part time I am working on eXtensible Catalog Drupal Toolkit project. It is a next generation Open Source library* discovery interface, i. e. the end user interface of a catalog. We have three types of Drupal projects: a row of Drupal modules (about 20+ modules), a theme, and a distribution…

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Címkék: drupal eXtensible Catalog code4lib

in_array() vs isset()

2012.02.28. 13:09 kirunews

Sometime I need to test whether a given value is in a list. In PHP there is a built in function in_array() which does this test. But under the hood it might make use of an iteration, comparision of each list element, and the original value. This iteration might take some time. There is another…

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